12 March 2014

Persepolis The One The Only

Persepolis The One The Only

Marjane Satrapi’s comic “Persepolis” is a story about a young girl (portraying the author) growing up during The Islamic Revolution in Iran. She faced many unfortunate events while growing up. Bilingual schools were closed down due to the Cultural Revolution. Females were forced to wear a veil, boys and girls where no longer able to go to school together. The police attacked protesters and burned down “The Rex Cinema” while people were locked inside. Nonetheless, the author remained optimistic. During this time, the author talks about how she would have long discussions with God and wanted to be a prophet to change the events that were going on. In addition, she finds out that her grandfather was a prince but then became a communist when he believed things were going down a path he didn’t want to commit to. Due to the fact that the grandfather was a communist, he always got arrested and sometimes placed in cell filled with water. After a couple of years she was sent to Austria to live with her uncle and family until they took her to a boarding school full with nuns. During that times she struggled to adjust and to make no friends.

Marjane Satrapi seems like a believable character because of the fact that she was from an oppressive, war-torn country. She told this story so people could have the chance to read her story and see how it was during that time from her own perspective and experiences. This matters in the comic because she could visually and verbally explains the experiences of a woman during that time, something that no one but a woman could explain. One aspect that made her story believable was the scene where all the girls having to wear the veil at all times. This is a situation that till this day still goes on.

https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSUMIhSW7CzR2l5NBKwb9jK5jqJlD62CoJxQYvKoqmL_RQJsA_s WE ALL NEED A EQUAL VOTE!!!

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  1. Not a bad post, jose! Could you elaborate on some of your points, though? For example, why would all the girls where the veil make it more believable if that's what they had to do anyway?