13 March 2014


1.Marjane Satrapi is a believable character because she is so passionate. Seeing how the revolution was destroying her people.She strongly believes in fighting for what you believe in. Even as a kid she had ideas of how a revolution can succeed, she says,"For a revolution to succeed, the entire population must support it." (Persepolis pg:17). She has seen the casualties of this Islamic Revolution it would only represent and support the believability of her character. 

2. The reason of writing this story was to show how the Islamic Revolution had impacted not only her life but the Iranian people as well. She wanted to showcase the injustice that was going on and the casualties that were taken for the right for freedom. Persepolis brings a particular graphic style to the autobiographical narrative. The novel it self can be seen as a form of protest or as art.

3. We mature from young girls or boys to women and men through experience.We rebel in our teenage years attempting to mature and begin to live our very own lives apart from our parents, siblings, and even peers.I don't think it is stereotypical in bad way just a way to help understand the story and background of Marjane from an oppressive culture.

4.It's really important to get hear the side of everyone's story or struggles. It's even more important that it's coming from a woman's point of view and its in a comic book medium. It shows how she grows from being struggling in a oppressive stereotypical country to being able to escape and change her own life. It can be quite inspiring to someone in the same situation.

              In 1979 a Revolution took place which was later called the “Islamic Revolution”. Then in 1980 it became mandatory to wear the veil at school. Marjane  wasn’t very fond of wearing the veil. In 1980 all Bilingual school were closed down because they were a symbol of capitalism. Every Night Marjane would have a big discussion with god. One day at school when the teacher asked her what she wanted to be she said a prophet. The teacher thought she was disturbed and called her parents. The Cultural Revolution failed. Marjane received books about the Revolution to enlighten her on what was happening. These books taught her about the children of Palestine, Fidel Castro and the Revolutionaries of her country. That night, the Rex Cinema burned down. Police were there, not allowing people to go in and rescue those who were trapped and they attacked the people who tried to enter. The Shah tried to make the people believe that the massacre was planned by a group of religious fanatics, but the people knew that the Shah was responsible.Marjane heard of a demonstration that was supposed to take place the next day and wanted to go but her parents did not allow her to participate in the demonstration. 
           It starts in late 1984, and Marjane is expecting to stay with Zozo, her mom’s Iranian friend who would take her in and watch over her during her stay in Vienna.Zozo ends up sending Marjane to a boarding house run by nuns, where Marjane befriends her roommate Lucia.Marjane is lonely and doesn’t speak German, but eventually learns and makes a few new friends. Unfortunately, Marjane doesn’t last long at the boarding house, as she calls a nun an ex-prostitute when that nun accuses her of being Iranian and uneducated.

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  1. Great post, Chris! Remember to cite examples when making points like those in your response. For example, where do we see Satrapi changing her life?