13 March 2014


1. Marjane Satrapi is a character that I seem to be a believable character because she express herself to everyone in a vast amount of ways trying to help peoples. She always believe in what she wants to do and she listens to what her parents tell them to do. She always follows the rules even if she doesn't like it or not. Her dreams that she wants to accomplish will not give up since she will want to help others.

 2. The reason for telling this comic story is to show what changes that's accruing and the issues that's developing in revolutionary in Iran. She wants to people to not feel like there out of lost and wants to aware them about the circumstances. She also wants to shoe people what is was like to grow up in her shoes and not to give up on the dreams your chasing for. But to also know the struggle that will occur with different races.

3. The way children were in school was stereotypical were on the basis of the race they belong to as in girls with boys wanted to have there own education. Also to shows that religion was a big part of everything not feeling that girls shouldn't be as smart as they should be compared to guys. I think this is a good aspect of comic  to show the readers what to understand about her life. Also to help them get a better understanding what she went through as a child. Marjane is an important part of this comic since you can understand a lot from her.

4.It matters because there are still some people in this world who still suffers and struggles with racist slur and feel like they do not belong. So it can be helpful to spread a wide amount of help for those who feel like they are going through the same aspect. This will help other girls or even guys who are trying to fulfill something in life and can because of their race or religion. That's  how her comic story can help others who feel they at a end, to gather there thought and do what ever they want to in life without one getting in the way.

This chapter is about Marjane was about her going to school and having to wear a veil and going through a change in her life. such as how they want to abolished boys and girls for there own education. She went from being in a school with boys and girls and then all of the idea of the world she knew changed when they had to wear different clothing from what she was use to. She didn't like to wear it because from when she was little she was very religious so the clothing was different with a veil. Which most people didn't like the fact that is didn't give no freedom to what they was wearing for school and separated from friends. She believed in many different rights that other people did not believe in and was very religious about her life and what she wanted to make a outcome about it. 

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  1. Not a bad post, Jean! But try being a little more specific :-) For example, on your response to question 4, what is the "it" that matters?