15 March 2014

Poem about me

By Victoria Soto (2014)

Today was the first day of college
I’m proud that I’ve made it here
In the past I’ve struggled with knowledge
School used to fill me with fear

I come from a broken home
Mom and dad split when I was young
At times I felt all alone
But I knew what I wanted to become

So one day in high school
When I was about to turn sixteen
I decided I wanted to be someone
So I wiped my slate clean

I began to study, study real hard
To prove everyone wrong who said I was a “retard”
I realized that with hard work great things would come
So I’ve been working hard and the greatness has just begun

My professor had asked my class to write a poem about ourselves
But the truth is as the days go on I feel that I am just creating myself
I want to take this opportunity to make a better me
I want to learn all that I can so that someday I can be free

Free from the chains of Brooklyn
Free from the past I’ve learned to hate
I want to see what’s outside of Brooklyn
I want to see the other 49 states

So you would like to know more about the person I call me?
I guess I could sum things up very easily
First off, I’m a young woman though I am only Seventeen
I’m not the most confident but have been working on my self-esteem
The former captain of my school soccer team
A girl that once thought college was just a dream

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  1. Again, really great poem, victoria! Thank you for sharing here :-)