17 March 2014

poem- who am i


22 years old reaching for the stars

Or stuck in traffic with a whole bunch of cars.

Am I the one trying to be noticed

Or the one with the beast inside trying to hold it.

My vision is blurry is it me trying not to see

is this who I'm trying to be

Goals are to be successful

Why does it have to be so dam stressful

The gateway to my success or failures

So stressed I pulled out the inhaler

Wait doesn't this sound so familiar

Is this who I am or who I want to be

Ems is the major is it to save lives or to save me

Bounded by the boundaries why can I get free

all I got to do is wait till my next class

So I can get that A to pass

I Fish for that bass where's the bite

Get out the dark follow the light

Where's my next fight who am I

Growing up what wasn't a lie

Getting old not wanting to die

Is that me just walking on by

Stuck in my own personal high

I'm just you coming from the inside

Red White and blue symbolizes you

I'm at the billiards where's my cue

Who am I, don't you know

College is the gateway

Wait don't go to fast

Who are you

I'm the truth hue

This is all my heart and soul

is that Jordan biggest fan

in the kitchen cooking for the riches

Read this as a whole

You know I'm in control.

Look at my sole

my oh my a what a man

what an ambition.

1 comment:

  1. Again, really great poem, jose! Thanks for sharing with the class :-)