25 March 2014

Response to ch.1 of MAUS

3/5/14 Daniel Dawidcyk
Response + Summary of ch.1 of "Maus"

The first chapter of "Maus" is quite interesting and makes me want to keep on reading and finish the book. Even though it was about the author, Art Spiegelman's father starting to tell him about his life before the holocaust. It wasn't much but just a nice story of how Art's dad met his mom in a part of Poland called Sosnowiec after dealing with a psychotic lover. I like how the story starts off with such a nice beginning but I look at it as Spiegelman making the reader feel more about the relationship his parents had. Seeing as the book says "my father bleeds history" you can say that his dad has been through a lot. History is a great deal in people's lives. It's what made us who we are and where we are today. Spiegelman is going to learn a lot about his family's history. The way I know that is because I see clues such as the swastika on the cover and that Spiegelman and his dad are both Jewish. I'm very interested in reading this book again only because it's a significant part of my history and heritage. My peoples country was invaded and taken over. I was never there nor do I ever want to be there at that time, the best I can do is just learn and read upon it. History is what made us who we are today. Without history, we would just be a walking book that erases every new word we write after we make another word. The holocaust is to me, what slavery was to African Americans. Just one of those times you wish you could take back and wish had never happened.

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  1. This isn't a bad post, Dan, but I'm not sure which assignment you're writing for.