17 March 2014



“It is easy to become anything you wish… so long as you are willing to forfeit your soul.” When reading a short story named “American Born Chinese” by Gene Luen Yang I came across this quote that was being directed to Jin Wang by the herbalist’s wife into his response of him being a Transformer. What I think is being said in this quote is that many people want to be many different things in life and it will be easy  so long as you are dedicated in to give up everything else that matters to you. I myself have had many goals in being someone in life and have done nothing until now. I want to be a licensed EMT so I can a difference in people’s lives every day.  It was not until recently that I decided to drop everything in life to purse this goal. The job I had was great came in the time I wanted, great pay, but I was not happy anymore so I left  my job to go back to school. As well as, befriending people because of the fact that they only wanted to go out and party, smoke, drink and hang out. I use to be glued to the television watching hours upon hours of shows and movies. There was a time I loved racing my car out in the street with my brother and with any random person, what a rush I use to get out of it.  Noticing all of that, I knew a lot of changes had to come so I can go ahead and start studying for who I will become without any distractions. Well here I am, 22 years of age without a job, in college with many goals and ready to accomplish them all. This would have never had happened if I had not “forfeited my soul.”

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  1. Great response, jose! I think it's interesting that you took "forfeit your soul" in a positive light, where many readers view it as negative--trying to be something they're not. You, however, write about it a something you wanna be, and I think that's awesome :-)