22 March 2014

Superman and I

Dear Sherman Alexie,

         For my Freshman English, we read your essay "Superman and Me", which I thought was phenomenal by the way. Its a bit inspiring, more than a bit actually, to hear stories like yours, where you work hard to survive your enviornment because it takes away excuses. It shows that if you want it, and work hard enough, it's possible to acheive. I'm comic lover so the title alone, drew me in. Then after reading it, it was fitting that it was Superman, America's Boy Scout, taught a little kid how to read. 
         Did you actually read Grapes of Wrath in kindergarten? I only say that because I'lve personally never been able to get past the 30 pages, and it's mind blowing to think a four year old did. Do you ever run into childhood bullies? The people who looked down on you because of your love of reading? How do you handle tht, do you still hold grudges against them? Just curious to see how anyone handles situations like that. This essay has pushed me not only to read more of your work (currently reading the Incredibly True Story of a Part Time Indian) but also, it's pushed me a little harder to work for my goals.

This is a history of superman clip from Variant comics for those who don't know about America's Boy Scout.

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  1. Great post, howard! I'm psyched to see you're reading Part-Time Indian! Please let us know what you think when you're finished!

    Side note: The style that that story is written and illustrated would be acceptable for your own Personal Narrative, too :-)