22 March 2014


            Dear Art Spiegelman,
                   How are you doing today? My name is Jose Luis Carrillo, I attend K.B.C.C. (Kingborough Community College) in Brooklyn New York. I am taking a visual verbal literacy class with Professor Villarreal; who is a big fan of comics. Our Professor assigned the class to read a book you wrote called "Maus- A Survivor's Tale." So far i have read the first two chapters of your book and have a few question to ask you about your book. First off, I would like to know, why did you choose to characterize "Jewish people" as rats and "The Nazi's" as cats? Secondly,  is this book all based on true events or were you trying to make the next big seller? In addition, why did you start the book off with a quote from Adolf Hitler saying "The Jews are undoubtedly a race. But they are not human"? (page 4)
         I also wanted to congratulate you on a great book. In addition, I really enjoyed the fact that you wanted to tell your fathers story in you words and tell it to the world in a comic. The part of the book that really caught my eye was before chapter 1 on pages 5 and 6. When you was rollerskating with your so called "friends" to the schoolyard, your skates came loose and they ended up leaving you behind. After that, you went to speak to your father about you "friends" and your father told you a meaningful sentence saying "If you lock them together in a room with no food for a week... Then you could see what it is, FRIENDS!"
        It was very interesting in chapter 1 page 12, in the middle of the page there is a slide with your father on a bicycle and on his left arm he has a bar code from when he was captured by the Nazis. It just shows how real it was in that point in time. Personally, i usually never read comics, let alone a comic about the Holocaust but so far i find this book to be a great book to read. I really like the fact that you try to relate with your readers, while still telling the story of your father. You do not over whelm the reader with so much text but give the reader a visual aspect of your story; so what they read they can also have a picture of whats going on. Finally I would like to say that I am very eager to finish this book and start reading the second part; that i already bought because the first book is so interested. Keep up the great work Art.

                                                                                                       Jose Luis Carrillo
I wanted to know if there could be a possibility that maybe we can grab a cup of coffee one day and just talk.

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  1. Great letter, jose! Just maybe proofread a little closer in the future :-)