17 March 2014

The mindset of a young one (Feeder 1.3)

While I was reading the story Persepolis came across something Marjane said while she was crying in her bed, she said “God, where are you?” .This triggered some thoughts in my head about the things I wonder about today. Some of these things are if he exist, where is he, how was he created, did we as humans just wished very strongly for him to exist or if he is a she or an it or a them. When Marjane wants to go with her parents about the problems happing in her homeland, God says nothing as he leave behind her back as she taking to herself then looking for him wondering we did he go..
 This part of the story spoke to me because from a young age I came to question the world we live in as why so many people suffer and almost nothing is done about it, then I see people praying to God for help but even though I didn’t want to think this but I felt that God just didn’t really care or he was saying not my problem which he showed in Persepolis. As I grew older and more wiser about the world I came to realize that maybe God thinks its not his problem because he wasn’t responsible for the actions we humans did to ourselves.
The way author Marjane Satrapi wrote and drew this was really good and surprising because it brought back memories that I haven’t thought about in years.


  1. Strong response, Mel! I definitely think you're hitting on one of the key themes in the book--the role of religion in our lives and identities. God returns later in the book, so it's definitely worth completing if you're interested further in how Satrapi juxtaposes his views with her political ones :-)

  2. You said that you've had questions about God since you were younger, do you think that he may put people through certain things so that they, or the people around them, can have a better understanding that life is short and should be cherished?