10 April 2014

A New Way Of Life

Hunger of Memory

Richard mother was calling for him inside there home in Spanish before he came inside the door being assured while listening. Once Richard got in his home all the Spanish was quieting down not hearing nothing at all instead his mother bad English when she went to answer the door. He didn't find her voice pleasant to hear but he was always shy and weird when in pubic to you voices that he never did at home but was always happy to see and hear his dad while he spoke Spanish or bad English. Never spoken a new language before that allowed him to fix words together to have Spanish meaning to them but loved the families voices to hear. Not knowing another language instead of the native language taught as a kid but as other classmates could have learn to understand different language easier through the grades. Even though he would be happy to hear Spanish in class instead of public language felt more interactive. But feel that if he knew a new language he would had to put a stop on himself before saying anything. The teachers didn't care that I knew Spanish but cared that I needed to know English. But was to afraid to speak anything in class acting as if he was a mute.He noted to himself the difference of the General language to be spoken at school and how to use them in meaningful use. The teacher saw silence between Richard and his bothers and sister and came to a house visit to suggest and have the parent to teach the children more English at home instead of Spanish while whole family was in a shock for a moment. Richard well for a second thought as a game, but practice a language that felt so foreign to them to understand and try different pronunciations. Richard also had his teacher to keep him to achieve his goal.But was hearing a house that was speaking Spanish all the time to now hearing English. As days went on hearing his family speaking English he finally did something for the first time, he spoke out loud in class when he raised hid hand feeling like part of the society. Richard started noting all different English accent spoken to everyone and how it spoken and understanding the different tone in there voice. The family he knew was long gone now no more pleasing one another with great attentions greetings. No more that family Spanish speaking to everyone making separation hard. The family grew more as a public society. Richards mother knew every name she could know from the block they lived on and felt as being more English to have a telephone in the house. The way his father spoke was changing that Richard couldn't even understand if his father was trying to say a word as gringo in English or Spanish because of the practice of a new language. As knowing more English everyday was impacting the parents not being able to develop quickly on what the children was saying. Words was being misunderstood all the time with the parents where as the children would stop to what they are saying getting mad and go to the table just eating food without talking. English was now a primary language in the house hold and the words use was no longer spoken as it seemed no point of it no more. All the Americans sound of different words as to call for there parents such as mama or papa was no more. Richard and his brothers and sister was speaking less more as days comes, his parents was getting restless but doing small talks at times while the English was being improved more and spoke about his childhood growing up about his families. More silence was at home and words was spoke less and less and grew to not care about other sound that was spoken in public. Richard felt more better in public speaking English instead at home even though out in public was making him feel a little concern. Being happier with English hearing different type of voices but then encountering Spanish speaking people being aware to not listen as seeing who's around. Different speaking language became an educator to children to realize the way to be American as one and also to achieve public individuality. Bilingualists to be reminded even though the society there in and to consider themselves a part of the crowd until you believe in yourself of what you want. Knowing as an adult the name Richard was to be pronounce differently but in the public world. But achieved a language that can be spoken all around  people in any situations. The life that he once new was a loss but a new gain of an American voice that his childhood that he once new with excitement of being greeted was now a point of just as no one is there.

 In other words the different languages of different people should always be reminded of where they come from and who they come from. If your a person the always a part of a crowd or an individual will make you more a person with a creative of life. As being part of the world of English language you will be accepted of everything. On my personal experience I struggled to learn Spanish and still haven't learn how to speak a full sentence. I thought I will be more accepted to understanding what others are saying and being engaging of whats they saying. I feel that even though now I understand a little and speak a little I don't need to try to fit in the world of Spanish speakers.

The main purpose of this article was to show about a family of Spanish speaking to end up speaking English that impacted the whole family but a child name Richard more. Does having a new language as English be justified as a public language to feel more accepted ? But the child Richard grew up learning a new language that soon changed his way of life. The family became less talkative to on other as English is felt more as a primary language instead Spanish. Learning a new Language can impacted you and your family in a great aspect. It will change your emotions of how you see everything inside and outside of your home. Also it will show how learning something new can be a good change but bad if it changes how everything used to be. The author trying to make us understand that learning something new and being devoted to it and not to anything else unless your being told.The article showed what it was like to have a language that you was proud of to having to learn something that felt weird. Then to feel more public to it then any other language not feeling as their immigrants or aliens in there lives.

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  1. Wow! You tackled a tough reading for this assignment, Jean! Well done! Who do you see Rodriguez' ideas connecting to?