29 April 2014

Black Phonics

                 According too John Rick ford "Ebonics" means the black phonics. The article "Suite for Ebony and Phonics" is a very interesting article that interprets Ebonics as bastard and lazy English and also poor grammar. Which is said to be a slang only used by African Americans not all African Americans do use it. Even though it was started by African Americans the standard is not Ebonics, but Ebonics is also not determined as its on language but just the modern day slang John Rickford a linguistic professor and director of the Center for African American studies at Stanford University states that Ebonics is deriving from both "ebony" and  "phonics" which means black sounds.

Dear John Rick ford,

             While reading your article I personally believe the real reason why linguistic believe Ebonics is not determined as a langauge is because of the type of people that use it such as African Americans. We face sterotypes based on how we speak and the color of our skin. English maybe different from Ebonics but more and more each day other racial groups beyond us blacks use ebonics aka slag each day. Instead of Ebonics being a language its a quick play of using words which turns it into slang which most perfer today


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