28 April 2014

Black Sounds

Suite for Ebony and Phonics written by John Rickford speaks about Ebonics which means black phonics. Ebonics is describe as lazy English, bad grammar and fractured slang.Mr Rickford give a reason why some people think that Ebonics not an actual language but just "lazy English" or a short cut to say words easier or faster.The evidence of this are examples on page 279 where it says"He bin runnin.("He has been running.")" and this is just one of the four examples. Most Linguists who study sounds, words and grammars of different languages and dialects agree that Ebonics is more of a dialect of English than a separate language. The last sentence where it says" The support of linguists for this approach may strike non linguists as unorthodox, but that is where our principles and the evidence lead us.", I believe that this sentence means that learning Ebonics would help to learn Standard English because it would help other people know how to talk in different situations when they call for them like when your talking to your friends or when you are at job interview. It may seem weird and unorthodox to non linguists but sometimes weird things or the way that things are being said can be beneficial.

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