10 April 2014

Boy who is Asian(American born Chinese)

Jin Wang is in the backseat of his parents car crying and his mother tells him an old Chinese parable. Basically it is about a Chinese boy doing weird things and his mother always decided to move because it felt like to her that he was playing right in the Chinese stereotype. Jin Wang parents are almost never home because their working. When Jin and his other Asian friends come to play they like playing with their transformers a lot. As Jin is sitting with a herbalist old wife she asks him what he wants to become when he grows up, he says that he want to be a transformer. He tells the herbalist wife that his mom says he can but the herbalist wife says"it's easy to become anything you wish......so long as you're willing to forfeit your soul." As Jin goes to schoo already some of his classmate are judging him because he Asian. He becomes an outcast quickly. He makes one friend kind of by force by a boy name  Peter Garbinsky. He realationship with him and because Peter moves away. Another Asian boy name Wei-Chen Sun. Jin doesn't like him at first they become friend because they have one thing in common,they both love transformers.

I think the key question is should people be automatically judged by what the ethical race is? Is it ok to make a person an outcast because outside they seem different?

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, Mel, and you've got the answer to one of the Analysis questions. But where's the rest?