10 April 2014

Feeder 2.2

- Maus by Art Spiegelman is the animated graphic novel of Vladek Spieglman's, Art Spieglman's father, life as a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. Through this story Art takes readers on a vivid journey of his fathers vantage point prior, during, and after Hitler's reign; living as a bachelor, getting married, maneuvering throughout Poland with his new family, escaping from Nazi capture - concentration camps, learning new techniques to hide both himself and family ( handmade constructed secret cellars and money to purchase confidential hiding spots enabling numerous connections to help get out of tight situations ), dealing with his wife's suicide death, re-marrying, and living in a new society as a Holocaust survivor. Within the story Art also gives an inside view of his own personal trials and tribulations dealing with living with his father prior and after his post traumatic stress due to the Holocaust, his mothers suicide, and how his own life was affected after such events.

- In this excerpt from Maus - Prisoner on The Hell Planet, Art expresses both his fathers as well as his own grief period after his mothers death. Within this Art specifically characterizes himself as a prisoner ( both in clothing and in a jail cell stating "Well mom if your listening...Congratulations !.. You've Committed The Perfect Crime ...... You Put Me Here ... Shorted All My Circuits...Cut My Nerve Endings...And Crossed My Wires !...... You MURDERED Me Mommy, And Left Me Here To Take The Rap ... *Other Person - Split Personality Within Mind* Pipe Down Mac ! Some Of Us Are Trying To Sleep ! ), through this he connects with the reader to show through visual imagery his mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical condition. In other words Art gives the reader insight on his own personal life which gives a sense of realism to the story.

- The main purpose of this story was to connect to the masses of people and give them key insight of the effect history can have throughout the generations of families. The way Art Spiegelman presented the actual Holocaust through a graphic novel was ingenious and ground breaking creating a passage for graphic novels and comics alike to be taken on a serious level than just for "children".

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  1. This is some good summarizing and paraphrasing! But where's the rest of your Analysis answers?