08 April 2014

Hunger Of Memory

In chapter one of "Hunger Of Memory" Richard Rodriguez describe his childhood of the difference of speaking languages that's at home language and public language that's spoken in school. Growing up in a Spanish speaking family as a primary language spoken around the house no one as his mother or father didn't speak much English and wasn't taught as a secondary language. As he always heard the English language outside of home and at school, he was very shy to say something while he always mumbled words and avoid participating. While the teachers saw that he had hard time speaking English and ask his parents to speak it more around the home. Which eventually was a point in life where Richard and his family stared to understand and talk more English even though of there strong accent. As his childhood had change with not much education in the family later on make a great achievement of feeling he had accomplish something great in life that he finally raised his hand in class and spoke loud enough that the whole class heard what he had to say. Richard purpose is shown about how he went to speaking his primary language at home to end up succeeding English to speak it more later on in life. From "Hunger Of Memory" Pages 26-27 Richard mentions "Thus it happen for me: Only when I was able to think of myself as an American, no longer an alien in gringo society, could I seek the rights and opportunities necessary for full public individuality." In other words Richard now understand the society of public language and since he feels that it has been successfully accomplished. He doesn't feel no longer as an immigrant or illegal alien because he now can communicate with other people and get the individual rights to do what ever he wants in life and would be treated fair about it. Richard wrote this to make a connection to us the readers to show how it was to be bilingual in a society from a family that didn't know nothing about English to teach. But shows that if your motivated to something new as a language that was spoke around the people outside and was spoken in school. He wanted to gain something meaningful in life that he can express later on in life.To show that if anyone is bilingual and wanted to learn a new language or anything that just make sure your willing to give your devotion to something you would care about and carry on to. I enjoyed the reading, as I kept reading more into the chapter one I saw he was someone that was shy and scared of something new. As seeing my grandparents coming from Puerto Rico knowing Spanish and not much English. To devote themselves everyday to understand new language that is spoke all around so they can get by. But I found funny was he was spoken Spanish as a native language in his household as for me i wanted to know Spanish and wanted to know what each word meant but wasn't taught it much because it was easier to speak English so i found that to be funny as its kinda the opposite to me.

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  1. I'm not sure I understand what your referring to as Purpose, but this isn't a bad post!