09 April 2014

Hunger Of Memory

Hunger Of Memory" is basically about a boy named Richard Rodriguez who tells his story on how he struggles to learn English and who is also struggling to to speak his family's first language which is Spanish.  He explains how much his Public life and his private life are different. When Richard attends school where everyone speaks English he would tend to be very shy and quiet around everyone but when Richard is home and surround by his family he would be very excited and outspoken. The nuns in his school told Richard that he had a language problem that is based off his family and that Richards family need to speak English frequently among there household. While they did just so Richard would still act a little shy but he would pay close attention to the words that were being said and pronounced by his family at home. Richard also notices that his father was viewed as very shy by his siblings since he didn't speak so much but he spoke amazingly well with other family members who spoke English. Now when Richard hears Spanish it becomes a memories his family shared while speaking Spanish.
         I really enjoyed reading the story. A lot of people commonly go through what Richard went through everyday. Which is trying to learn a new language other wise from what they know. The  purpose of this story is to show how being bilingual really affected his childhood. It started out with Richard speaking Spanish and being comfortable but when at school he would be the totally opposite. He went from being happy to sad then he completed flipped to being happy he knows English but then saddened by his memory of his good times while speaking Spanish with his family. To me Richard basically has an analysis when writing this story

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  1. This is a good summary, Nini, but your answers are very rushed. You need more detail!