27 April 2014

John Rickford

In the Article "Suite For Ebony And Phonics" by John Rickford is a about a slang Ebonics which is described as "lazy English," "bastarized English," "poor grammar," that the language is nothing more than just distinction between standard English language and a Lazy English Language. " While its features are found most commonly among African Americans ( Ebonics is itself derived from "ebony" and "phonics," meaning "black sounds"), not all African American speak it. The features of Ebonics, Especially the distinctive tenses, are more common among working-class than among middle-class speakers, among adolescents than among the middle-aged, and informal contexts (a conversation on the street) rather than formal ones (a sermon at church) or writing.(page 281)" Even though it came from African Americans the standard English language is not a Ebonics,but also is not interpreted as its own language as Ebonics interpreted as slang.

Dear Mr.John Rickford,
After I was reading your article, I have came up with an answer of my own which I hope shine some light on your question. Because the study of Ebonics is not a language of English but find it to be more as ways of understanding and speaking slang. Since Ebonics " words pronunciation is another distinctive aspect of dialect, and the regularity of these difference can be very subtle. Most of the "rules" we follow when speaking standard English are obeyed unconsciously." But linguists needs to know that Ebonics can be or not be a Language, but people would always catch on to Ebonics words quicker with out the studies. Linguist could find that more understanding without seeing the distinction between the both Ebonics slang and English Language of pronunciations. And wont have arguments in which if Ebonics is a language but to be a appreciated of all the differences it have.


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