10 April 2014

Liberated woman (feeder 2.2)

Persepolis: Pasta 

      All of Marjane's friends made plans for vacation where Marjane ended up deciding to read. As vacation started, she kept herself busy in shopping from supermarket and reading books of philosophers that get peers had often referred to. One day she cooked spaghetti and went downstairs with the pot of spaghetti to watch TV but a nun called her uneducated for eating in pot. Knowing Marjane as impulsive, she couldn't handle any insult and replied her back calling her a prostitute. Which cost get to get kicked out of the boarding house. However, she managed to live with her friend. Moreover, the nun/sister informed Marjane's parents that she left boarding house for being humiliated to have been red handed stealing, her parents knew it was lie though.
One part of this chapter which I find important is when Marjane started to read in order to educate herself and become a liberated woman.(Persepolis 175)
             Source (Persepolis 174-175)

In other words, she started to read about different philosopher to become more emancipated. She felt that in order to fit in the society that she was thrown into , she must had to know and study their politics and philosophers. She widened her thoughts and knowledge by reading more and more. For example, in Hunger of Memory, Rodriguez learnt English to be a part of public as an individual. As he started to use English more than Spanish , he got more involved in society and got to know how bilingualism kept him away to gain his public identity. The same way Marjane read to learn more about the society, she's a part of.

The main purpose of this essay is to deeply discuss the situations and reasons behind a specific event.  
The key question is what led marjane to read a lot of books and how'd it help her? The most important information is the environment she was living in and how it affected her to educate herself to be a liberated person.The main conclusion is if someone is determined to learn and willing to make change then there's nothing that can stop you . It's all about will power The main ideas we need to understand in order to understand this reading are that Marjane isn't so familiar with the politics and social aspects of Vienna , she's living in, and thats why she's willing to learn about it. Another would be that she's living far away from her parents in boarding house.The main assumption underlying the author's thinking is to find the truth. I mean so far , I've realized Marjane is always so curious to know about the things related to society and to stand for what truth is.moreover, the author is more focused on revealing the political and social "truth" of Iran throughout the book. However she's also focusing in emphasizing her own lifestyle in different cultures and the way she dealt with it. 

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  1. Excellent post, syeda! I love how you connected Satrapi to Rodriguez! Possible Essay #2 topic?! I think so :-)