10 April 2014


Artie saw his father, Vladek, and his stepmother, Mala, both Holocaust survivors, after some years to get his father's account of the Holocaust. Artie wanted to tell his father's story, although his father thought no one wanted to hear it. Vladek begins to talk about being a lady's man and meeting a young woman, Lucia. Lucia was very persistent in going to Vladek's house; finally, he invited her over. She wanted to marry him, but he wanted to his cousin's classmate, Anja, Artie's mother. Anja and Vladek had an instant connection. Lucia was clingy and found a photograph of Anja and demanded Vladek leave Anja for her. Vladek was more attracted to Anja for her personality than looks; Lucia was more attractive physically. While at dinner with Anja's parents, Vladek rummaged around her room to find that she was tidy and took pills for her weight and nerves. Lucia still didn't want Vladek to leave her. She sent Anja a letter saying bad things about Vladek that made her upset. After Vladek calmed her down, he moved to Sonowiec and they got married. Vladek stops his story to tell Artie that he didn't want this mentioned in the book because it wasn't nice.

The main purpose of this comic is for Artie to tell his father's life story before, during and after the Holocaust. The key question is what makes this story so different from other Holocaust books. The most important information is how his father acts currently due to what he tells in the story.

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, Aliyah, and you've got the answers to a couple of the Analysis questions. But where's the rest?