10 April 2014

Holocaust Mouse ( Maus)

It all started when Artie went too visit his father Vladek and his new wife Mala in search of information to get info for his book since both of his parents were Holocaust survivors. His father began to tell him how he was such a ladies man back in Poland. He met a young lady named Lucia who had deep feelings for him but he slowly brushed her off. He later ran into his cousin who wanted to introduce him too her classmate Anja which is Artie's mom. They began getting attracted too each other after their first encounter. Anja began writing love letters and she even sent him a photo. After a week or so Lucia found the photo and demanded Vladek to stop talking to Anja because she felt she was physically pretty then Anja and that they had future plans together. But Vladek told Lucia he was attracted to Anja's personality and that looks aren't everything. Vladek went to eat dinner with Anja's parents, he wondered off and ended up rummaging through Anja's stuff and found out she took pills for her nerves but was very tidy. Lucia was still very upset that he would not listen to her when she insist that he leave Anja. She later sent her a letter saying bad things about Vladek got that made Anja think twice about him. After he convinced her that wasn't true, He moved to Sonowiec and him and Anja had gotten married and he had moved into one of his father in laws two apartments and had gotten part time ownership and a gold watch for a wedding gift. Vladek then stops telling his story and told his son he didn't want that to be mentioned in the story because it wasn't nice

                             The main purpose of this comic is for Artie to show what his father and mother went through before during and after the holocaust as survivors.The key question for me would be how why was it so important to depict the characters as common animals. The most important information is how Artie's father acts as a survivor.

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, Nini, and you've got the answers to a few of the Analysis questions. But where's the rest?