28 April 2014

proper english or just slang?

"Nobody Mean More To Me Than You, and the Future Life of Willie Jordan"

  This story is about black English and white English. The story starts off with the author explaining how majority of African Americans living here depend on their black English for our discovery of the world. Also the author writes how there is also a group of people that will not support people to be themselves but to becomes clones of people and talk and act the same as everyone else. African Americans have to change how they talk completely to please other people around them so they can sound more smart and educated. They have to become someone they are not because other people say its right. Black English is considered a endangered species because no one is using it anymore because people look at it as improper English. "White English" is considered proper, supreme , and unquestioned.  The story is about a teacher teaching a new course called "In search of the invisible black woman", and the teacher had a large class divided by a equal amount of black men and women and five or six white students also sat in the class. There was a student named Willie Jordan he looked like a wrestler he looked like he didn't belong in that type of class because of what was being taught. He didn't join in when his classmates were being loud. He was though very interested in the discussions. When it was his turn to present his argument he spoke with clarity and sincerity. his brother un armed was killed by two police officers at the age of twenty five. The police never gave his family a real explanation of why he was killed. The teacher tried to secure legal counsel for the Jordan family. unfortunately black victims of police violence is so high and the resources available to prosecute their killers are truly scarce. with Willies permission the teacher presented the case to her class. They had talked about many subjects in her class from sex and child abuse and men and women. But the murder of Reggie Jordan broke like a hurricane across the room. Many of the students respected and liked Willie Jordan and came from the same neighborhood as where the murder occurred. Many of them had family and friends that were killed by police. They wanted to avenge death all at once. They wanted to write personal statements of condolences to Willie Jordan and his family written in black English. They also wanted to write to the police in black English and last they wanted the letters sent to Newsday. Newsday rejected their piece , the village voice could not find room for their piece , no one raised enough money to prosecute the murder of Reggie Jordan. Reggie Jordan was really 

question number 6: 

When I read this passage it made me emotionally because it made me think why should the students have a tough descion to make when it comes to what form of English to use ? Why can't they just feel comfortable using their own "black English" that's how they speak they should be able to express themselves In the way they feel like. The police killed Willie Jordan's brother which was unarmed for no good reason. They should be able to send the police personal letters in "black English" because that is the best way they can express themselves they shouldn't have to write in a certain way to please other people because others think it's the right way. If I was there I would agree they should use "black English" because I believe they should be able to express themselves and feel comfortable when writing their statements  to the police about the killing of Willie Jordan's brother. I would discuss that the African Americans in my class should write a group letter to the police describing in detail how they feel and to make sure it's in black English to make sure it is known to the police that the African Americas are a unit a team and aren't going to conform to a certain way of speaking to please anyone because that's not right or fair. 

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