23 April 2014


Maus II

In chapter one Artie's discusses the relationship with the Holocaust and how it impacted so many different peoples before his time. But Artie felt he couldn't live up as his role to his father because tension they have growing up. Artie had always wondered how his parents live through different hardship and felt how he could imagine living around the time with them since he has it a bit easier.
In chapter two it seem the it doesn't not follow much as jumping around from past to present as much in part one of the book. But also how Artie's father had died and still had a unresolved issues with one another which make him feels guilty. Also how the characters in the book was symbolize as different animals but with masks. This was Artie's second thoughts for his book. Artie had issues focusing on the guilt between him and his father because his father survived the Holocaust and felt that since everyone else died, He took it out on his son.
In chapter three after Valdek and Anja was separated before they met up at the end of the war was over, they thought nothing but to survive. The struggle to survive became harder to focus on friends and religion. Also Valdek did not once think of Anja or even decided to add her to the escape plan like if he didn't care about her survival. But even though r during those difficult times the struggle for survival was for his own. The communication between vladek and Anja was passed through with notes on the food between. Even though something like that can get them both killed. During the Holocaust it was not just Jews but entire race of different people from all around the world.
In chapter four vladek tries to get use to Artie's arrival and asked his some to move in with him for a while to try to get by Mala being gone. His father asked his son to help but instead what Artie's does was ask him about his wife experience during the Holocaust but as some time telling the story he had chest pains and to a break. As trying to return back to the story telling about his wife in the Holocaust but there's not much to tell him since it deeply impacted him. After his wife long deep depression since much of her family was taken from her and then Anja killed herself by running into a electric fence.
In chapter 5 Artie tapes his father when he was on the phone. After that Artie's calls the hospital to find out that Vladek wasn't there to be found and had left. Artie flies down to help out with his father and then to board a plane to go to New York to go to the hospital. After months later getting to sell the house. A year later that Vladek found out he had diabetes that he was suffering from. At the point when Vladek ask to turn the tape recorder back on he calls Arties Richieu by mistake and then an image of a gravestone of Vladek and Anja.
As this second part to maus was great as the first part I can tell how there was great description of every detail that went on with Vladek life and how Arties was suffering about how much his father was deeply impacted through out life from before the Holocaust. The way Vladek spoke about his life during the Holocaust and how he spoke about his wife during it as if he didn't care about her what. Shocked me the most. But as I read and saw he was getting sicker almost dying from diabetes to eventual die felt very surprising to me.

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