08 April 2014

Torn between two languages

The story called Hunger Of Memory is about a boy name Richard who is in conflict with himself on what languages he uses in his life which are his first Spanish and second is English. In the beginning he felt assure and happy that when he came home and his mother would say in Spanish " You are home now;come closer;inside. With us." How the words were said in Spanish made him really and made his family seem very close. As he starts school it shows how difficult it was for him to be in and school full of  people who uses English. As the nuns see that he is having problems they asked Richards parents to try and make English basically the primary language in his house. As he and his family slowing become adapt to the English languages he started to forgot how to speak Spanish.

I kind of enjoy reading this because I did always wanted to learn Creole which is the Haitian language because I think it would give me a better sense my mothers family origins because she is half but I am kinda of to lazy to start learning. I thought it was interesting how Richard started forgetting his own native language as well because I think being bilingual can lead to some confusion if not careful because There's no point in learning a new language if you forget your original one.


  1. Great Job ! I love the way u grabbed sentences out the txt to prove your claim

  2. I really like your summary. You hit a main point, but you could've elaborated just a bit more. And great way to connect it to yourself!

  3. This is a good summary, Mel, but where are your answers to the questions about Claim, Evidence, and Analysis?

    1. sorry i have a hard time on those things