08 April 2014

Very bilingual.

One purpose for Rodriguez to write is because he wants people to know what it is like to be bilingual. He also wants people to know what it's like going from speaking his native laungage with his family at home to almost completely not speaking Spanish (which is his native laungage) at all anymore because he is to focused on learning English. His evidence in the story is when he speaks about his family and how he always speaks Spanish with them at home because he feels it's a private laungage and he's at ease when he's speaking Spanish with his family. Then as he continues school and leaning English he becomes more confident to speak English in public. He didn't like speaking English or trying to speak it in public because he was Un familiar with the laungage and the sound the words made. He couldn't wait to beg home to speak his native laungage with his family which is Spanish because he felt more comfortable and he felt it was a lir ate laungage and not public. It was for him and his family. He could tell everyone in his family was relaxed when Spanish was spoken. When the nuns in his school told his parents he needed to learn English his parents stopped speakin Spanish at home so he can focus on learning English. As time went by he learned more and more about English and how the words sounded. He felt more confident to speak English in public and would answer more clear sentences in his class. He wasn't in a rush to come home anymore from school. And he hardly had the desire to speak Spanish at home. I enjoyed this story because I like how he explains how his family life stays a tigt unit but changes because they are becoming more accustomed to speaking English in public. I also like the fact he is very educated and determined to learn the new laungage so he can speak English freely in public without any trouble and with confidence. I don't understand why his parents didn't encourage him to speak English and be more confident with it from the start. they should of helped him learn the laungage and push him to speak it. Overall it was a great story. I enjoyed it very much because I am also bilingual I speak Italian at home sometimes with my mom and family but English is my first laungage but I still can relate. 


  1. Good job! I like the way you explained the evidences.

  2. Good post! But does he have an Analysis to explain the connection between his Evidence and Purpose?