24 April 2014

Welcome Back from Spring Break! Here's your Homework!

Welcome back!

For this weekend's homework, I'd like you read one of the two articles I e-mailed yesterday--your choice! We'll all be reading both articles eventually, so pick whichever one seems more interesting right now. Both include a short summary at the beginning to help you choose.

Then for the blog, you'll respond to one of the discussion questions at the end of the reading. If you choose June Jordan's "Nobody Mean More to Me than You..." respond to either Question #3 or #6; if you choose John Rickford's "Suite for Ebony and Phonics," respond to Question #5 or 6.

Keep in mind that your response should include a Claim, Evidence, and Analysis (to explain how your Evidence supports your Claim).

Also, be sure to come to class on Tuesday knowing what topic you're going to be tackling in Essay #2!

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

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