10 April 2014

What Maus is all about feeder 2.2

The comic Maus is about a young boy named Artie he goes to visit his father because he wants to make a comic story about his father and how he met his mother. Him and his father aren't very close. Artie's mother committed suicide and his father had to heart attacks. His father at first didn't want to speak about how he met his mother but then he gives In and starts to tell the story. He said many girls chased him and he was very popular with the girls. He first met a girl named Lucia he was very attracted to her physically but she was poor. Lucia was very into him and insisted she seen his place. Valdek wasn't into her the same way she was into him she wanted to get married he didn't he would avoid her. His cousin introduced him to a girl named Anja he fell for her personality and soon they fell for each other and talked all the time and got married. 

The main idea of this story is that Artie wants to know how his father met his mother and he wants to make a comic about it and his father explains to him what it was like for him as a young man and what it was like going through the holocaust and how he and his mother fell in love with each other. The key question should be is what makes this story about the holocaust stand out from the rest? and why does this story grab the interest of readers ? 

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  1. This isn't a bad summary, DK19, and you've got the answers to a few of the Analysis questions. But where's the rest?