18 May 2014

Mission: Identity

"Black Students At White Colleges Fear They'll Lose Their Cultural Identity: Study" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/

This article talks about speaks about how "[Black students] feel tension between integrating into the dominant culture while honoring their own culture and black pride" study by author Jake Simmons, assistant professor of communication studies at Angelo State University concluded.

“As a group, African-American students wanted to assimilate into their respective universities, but at the same time they expressed a need to maintain cultural independence by segregating from them,” the authors wrote. “The need to segregate was born out of a fear that the African-American culture would become less independent and more similar to the dominant culture.”

"Students reported feeling different from their white peers in thought, language, dress, and socializing, as well as in the classroom, where they said a lack of understanding about their own culture led to feelings of being singled out. They also noted feelings of frustration about being solely responsible for educating whites about African-American issues and being asked to share their thoughts on African-American topics exclusively." The article says.

In my essay 2 I speak about the how it most minority Americans lose a piece their identity by trying to fit in with American society. Even through this article targets African American other races in the stories like American Born Chinese and Hunger of Memory have also went through problems like being cast out and not with trying to become apart of which seems to be the dominant race.

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  1. I see how this related to your topic, Mel, but you didn't really summarize it so much as just pick quotes out of it. Still, I'm glad you found a good source :-)

    Don't forget to properly cite the article in your essay, too.