16 May 2014

Language defines identity


In the book I'm reading Language and Identities by Carmen llamas and Dominic watt. The authors talks about how language and your identity go hand and hand. That simply by you being of a certain gender, race or religious group that along help with the creation of your identity; language topping the list of what makes your identity and when stripped of your language you are being stripped of your personally and what makes you as a individual. In chapter 2 of the book Language & Identities the authors had you say on there views and thoughts on language and the correlation that both have with each other." When we use language, we do so as individuals with social histories. Our histories are defined in part by our membership in a range of social groups into which we are born such as gender, social class, language, religion and race "the book also talks bout the how your history within society helps shape the way you speak also the language one might rather prefer to speak because of ones social class.

In my essay two I heavily discuss the fact of language blends into an individuals life helps create ones identity and this article helps he in a great deal. The authors in the book Language and identities also talk bout how language is also developed by ones area and that along determines what you may be more comfortable with and accustom to speaking for example people who are born in the south are known as southerners while others form the north are referred to as northerners and may even speak the same standard language but may not actually sound alike because of the geographical difference creates a differences in language or dialects within language with ties back to the topic of my essay being the point that one historic background helps shape culture and language in the same way and denying one to use their language is basically getting rid of their culture partly.

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