20 May 2014

In the article " The Dangers Of A Single Story " by Tariro Mavondo, she basically talks about her life growing up in Australia as a African-Australian.
As the only black kid in the neighborhood she had to go through a grueling initiation into suburbia. She was forced to drink urine in order for her to play with the other kids. As well as, having her hair pulled every time she would walk on by. In addition,  she speaks about a refuge from Somalia that comes to hide  and be safe but she ends up dangling off the edge of a cliff because of to local teenagers that took her under their wings and did not take care of her. The Somalian girl ended up falling to her death. At the age twenty-four, Tariro end up being one of the first African-born acting graduates  of the Victorian college of the Art's. She then goes on to get an audition for a lead part and she expresses that she is going for the lead part but so happens that she is African-Australian. 
This article proves my claim about how when you tell a story with just one perspective that you will only get one side of the story and it will not be whole. In the article she goes by saying "The black kid in neighbourhood, I was forced to undergo a grueling initiation into life in contemporary suburbia." In this particular sentence she gave us only her perspective in a "grueling initiation" which someone else might have said that it was not so grueling but just a bit mean. She tells her story in just her perspective and does not have a different perspective in her story.

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  1. Hey jose,
    As we discussed, this may not be the best source for your essay. It's more of a story than an essay, and she doesn't make a Claim that you can really use to support your own. But keep looking! You'll find what you need :-)