20 May 2014

feeder 3.2


Nelson, Sarah w. Educational Administration Quarterly. Feb2014, Vol. 50 Issue 1, p67-95. 29p

In this article they express the importance of language. the article informs you on how when cultures change also does language and that people must be opened minded to change; that by not wanting to take part you are then denying the growth of the change in a way. the article then goes on to address the fact the after years of testing with proves that people learn commutate better when able to use language which one is most comfortable with.

"Language, and relationships, which are at the heart of culturally responsive teaching, learning, and leading. Implications: More than 30 years of school reform efforts have failed to address inequitable educational outcomes. The results of this study suggest the ineffectiveness of reform efforts may be due in part to educators’ deficit beliefs and lack of cultural knowledge, two areas preparation and professional development programs must better address."

 This statement in the article connects to my essay because it clearly lets you know briefly how then connection between language and culture go hand and hand by elders and others who don't agree with the culture change is actually failing the youth because of the lack of the cultural knowledge.


  1. Great post, kio, but again, why is everything italicized? Only the journal title should be. Also, what's the title of the article? Finally, is this article challenging your Essay 2 Claim?

    1. kio wilsonJune 01, 2014 8:41 PM

      It actually supports my claim being how we speak Standard English now here in present day America right? But it wasn’t spoken the same way just a few decades ago the language didn’t change all together but the dialect did in a sense. And people adapted to that making standard language what it is today.

    2. Yeah, it totally supports your Claim! It's just that the source for Feeder 3.2 was supposed to challenge your Claim :-) But keep it!