20 May 2014

New Identity

Skyrme, Gillian. "Entering The University: The Differentiated Experience Of Two Chinese International Students In A New Zealand University." Studies In Higher Education 32.3 (2007): 357-372.Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 May 2014.

This article argues the struggle that Chinese international students attending university in New Zealand have, trying to figure out their identity in new setting. Gillian skyrme began a study with 12 international Chinese students to analyze their expectations of what they were studying, problems they might have with the new learning styles. Skyrme focuses on 2 of the 12 students, Mike and Saul. She reveals the different struggles Saul and Mike have with their new identities as university students, and learning what they were being thought. Throughout the article it reveals how one of the students was preoccupied with how to learn the new material; one was more focused on what he was being thought. Skyrme states that a big part in how second language learners, prefer learning is by hands on experience, but that not a lot universities do not share the same thought. “Saul’s sense of self was very much involved in his propensity to express himself orally. He sought a way to be a student which did not marginalize that aspect of his identity, and had no strong voices countering his resistance to reading and showing him its value. Mike, who was rather introverted and avoided verbal interaction, was quite happy to strive for that route, difficult though it still proved to be” (pg. 14). This quote shows how two different people in the same situation have different ways of dealing with it. This is an interesting Part of the article because I can see their two different personalities and how they use it to their advantage. It somewhat goes with my way of thinking that you should keep with what you’re good at, if it helps you understand better. 

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