19 May 2014

social identity 2

Ashmore, Richard D., Lee J. Jussim, and David Wilder, eds. Social identity, intergroup conflict, and conflict reduction. Vol. 3. Oxford University Press, 2001. 19 May 2014.

Self and identity are central to understanding human thought, feeling and action and plays an important role in inter-group conflicts. They account for interrelationships between the individual and larger social groups. Therefore, social identity as mentioned by Ashmore in this excerpt, can create and intensify inter-group conflicts, while inter-group conflicts can influence social identity. The relationships an individual has on the individual or group level can lead to inter-group conflict causing a social problem. In order to resolve this social problem, we must address social identity and inter-group conflict issues in an attempt to reduce inter-group conflicts.

"Intergroup conflict influences social identity." I believe this  relates to my thinking of the topic because it's about what affects your social identity. I do believe that if their is an issue within a group in which one identifies themselves with, it will affect their social identity. Say if the conflict was something traumatizing, it would make a person want to dissociate with that one identity.

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  1. Good summary, but I'm not sure I see how it relates to your topic :-/