15 May 2014

Social Identity

Deaux, Kay. “Social Identity.” Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Volumes One and Two, 2006: n. pag. Web. 15 May 2014.

The article “Social Identity” by Kay Deaux is about social identity and the different types of them that there are. She begins by giving the definition of social identification. Social Identity, according to Deaux is “the process by which we define ourselves in terms and categories that we share with other people.” In her first section, she talks about the different concepts and definitions of social identity. Which goes to her second section, “Types of Social Identity.” Here, she breaks down the different groups of which people identify themselves with others such as race, gender, political affiliation, etc. She goes on in the same section with subsections that differentiates the different social identity groups. She also talks about the different aspects of social identity and how those aspects are used to categorize someone within a particular social group. Deaux speaks on how people have favored identities and how certain cultures influence which identity one chooses to have present. In the end, she talks about how people shift between social groups throughout their lives.

This article relates to my topic because it is all about social identity. It gives a more in depth look into the entire subject of identity, including the different types of social identities and how one is categorized into each group. She gives definitions and information on each topic that she introduces. She makes it simple to understand social identity because of the amount of information she provides and how understanding she makes it. This will be good for my third essay because it can be used throughout the essay. Meaning I can use the first section or two to merely introduce my topic and talk about the different types of social identities then go on to how one is categorized and how they negotiate identities and so forth.

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  1. You're writing, as usual, Aliyah, is excellent. However, we literally had a conversation in class about how I didn't want you using encyclopedias for this assignment (or Essay #3) because they merely present information instead of an argument for you to work with :-/