20 May 2014

Technology and Literacy (Feeder 3.2)

  Leung, Louis. Effects of Internet Connectedness and Information Literacy on Quality of 

               life. "Social Indicators Research", Vol. 98, No. 2 (2010), 273-290. Print.

      The article, “Effects of Internet Connectedness and Information Literacy on Quality of life” emphasizes the importance of technological literacy along with the information literacy. Author has shown detailed research  to explain that how technological (i.e.internet) and informational literacies contribute to have a high quality of life. Information literacy includes skills like reading, ability to find out what kind of information is needed and how to use the required information in an effective way. But it is not enough, now-a-days, these skills should be applied on the use of technology as a tool to research, organize and to communicate information. As internet has made our life more connected ( Internet connectedness), therefore, we have more efficient and easy access to resources/information as compare to the system decades before. Moreover, the availability of softwares, word programs and online “valid” information about all the aspects have make it easy to learn about anything in a proper and easy way.

          While relating this article to my claim that one can become liberated and independent by reading and learning about the world, it shows that reading isn’t enough to learn and to be educated, these days. A person should have to be aware of technological literacy and inter connectedness to have a better quality of life. As it is said “Information Technology Literacy can be considered a 21st-century form of literacy in which researching and communicating information in a digital environment area as important as reading writing were in earlier decades” (#273). It shows one should’ve to be literate about technology to have a successful life in these days, unlike Marjane who found her way to liberation only by reading intensive books about socialists and politicians, she didn’t had to use technology that much because there’s a huge difference in social and educational environment now as comparing to decades before. Also  in Hunger of Memory, it could’ve been more easy for Richard to socialize and find his identity by using internet, communicating with people,and having an easy access to learn English. Because it's shown in article that “the internet’s potential (via home internet access) to inform informationally disadvantaged or low-income families to experience powerful emotional and psychological transformations in identity, self esteem, personal empowerment,a new sense of confidence, and social standing or development of personal relationships in the internet” (#278). in other words, having an easy access to solutions and widespread connection by communicating can reduce the struggle with personal issues.


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