27 March 2014

"This is a Generic Brand Video."

Look at this video!

This is based on the poem "This is a Generic Brand Video." by Kendra Eash.

Just thought I'd share :-)

Questions? Quibbles? Controversies?

25 March 2014


People let me tell you 'bout my best friend...



Good times!!!

Drawing in action homework

-characters: catdog and mom
-objects: flipped over couch, lamp, and clothes 
-action: catdog made a big mess 
-result: mother frustrated and yelling

Where's my tooth ?

A Heart


Oopps !


Letter to Art

Dear Art. First off, I would like to say that I totally honor and respect everything you and your father went through. In my poi ok it was a wonderful story with equsite details, but I honestly just don't see the difference in this story and any other story about holacaust survivors. I think it's pretty hard to actually write a story about such a event and it not sound like the next story about the same thing. This is no way a discredit to you as the author, but just a simple constructive criticism letter to you. I can say you are really brave to share your story with the world. It's such a touchy subject and you really expressed all your thoughts and ideas so vividly and raw. I could only imagine how much and what actually you had to go through to even get to the point where you were comfortable enough to share your experiences with millions and billions of people all around the world. In closing, in the words of rapper Gucci mane,"this isn't a diss record, just the truth", meaning I'm not talking down or talking down about the book, just giving my opinon on what I got from it.

Response to ch.1 of MAUS

3/5/14 Daniel Dawidcyk
Response + Summary of ch.1 of "Maus"

The first chapter of "Maus" is quite interesting and makes me want to keep on reading and finish the book. Even though it was about the author, Art Spiegelman's father starting to tell him about his life before the holocaust. It wasn't much but just a nice story of how Art's dad met his mom in a part of Poland called Sosnowiec after dealing with a psychotic lover. I like how the story starts off with such a nice beginning but I look at it as Spiegelman making the reader feel more about the relationship his parents had. Seeing as the book says "my father bleeds history" you can say that his dad has been through a lot. History is a great deal in people's lives. It's what made us who we are and where we are today. Spiegelman is going to learn a lot about his family's history. The way I know that is because I see clues such as the swastika on the cover and that Spiegelman and his dad are both Jewish. I'm very interested in reading this book again only because it's a significant part of my history and heritage. My peoples country was invaded and taken over. I was never there nor do I ever want to be there at that time, the best I can do is just learn and read upon it. History is what made us who we are today. Without history, we would just be a walking book that erases every new word we write after we make another word. The holocaust is to me, what slavery was to African Americans. Just one of those times you wish you could take back and wish had never happened.

24 March 2014

Feeder 1.2: Not so fun

Dear Alison Bechdel,

 I read a chapter 5 of your book "fun home" at my english class. I loved the book. It is one of those pieces of writing you see yourself relating to one way or another. The art of the form of writing to express an idea is callenging aiming to catch my attention. Your graphic novel focuses on family relationships, sexual orientation and grief, resonating with a comforting honesty. when i found out bout your book being banned from a college summer reading assignment in south Carolina , i found it adsorb. All because the book supposedly promotes lesbianism If anything the book doesn't tell anyone to be a lesbian or what to do. it teaches important ways of how it can all turn out to be judging someone on their preference and the tragedies that can occur. This is an amazing piece of work and i wished a lot more people could be able to read it and open their eyes to whats going on out their in the world with human beings who struggle everyday with being judge and often take their life away. don't stop writing, me and a lot of other people would love whatever else you can come up with.

  Love, Jean.

Extra credit ..sociology sketchnotes

My letter to Art Spiegelman

Dear Art Spiegelman,
       My name is Daniel and I am here writing this letter for you for my English class. Like you, I also have family members that were in the holocaust. Unfortunately I never met them nor heard any stories about it but it was quite interesting reading your book MAUS  about your father's story in the holocaust. After all I have read the book at least 3 times before now only when I was younger though so I don't remember much. So far I've read the first 3 chapters and so far I'm starting to remember the book. All in all I already know what's going to happen especially since I, the reader, already see that you're telling the story of your dater so I know he got out alive. But I see that unfortunately your mom didn't make it and I apologize for that. I forgot what happened to her but I believe that she had you after the war so I'm assuming she got out too. The holocaust was very tragic and I and many others wish it didn't happen, but it did. I would like to ask though, why did you portray Polish people as pigs? I myself am Polish and I'm curious. I understand the cat and mouse aspect but not the pig. Anyways, can't wait to hear from you plus I never had a chance to read the second MAUS but I'm waiting to read it.