07 May 2014

Just wanted to share.

a friend of mine had shown me this video and i found it super interesting and had a long conversation on the topic. just wanted to share see what you guys think.

05 May 2014


Epic is the pilot, to a new series of comics. It relates the story of Eric Ardor a 16 year old boy, who becomes a superhero. He becomes a super hero in a very comical way; he gets his powers by crashing into an unstable DNA research lab. After figuring out he has super powers, like any other teen would do, he shows his best friend his new found abilities. As he starts using his powers, he notices that they sometimes don’t work. The comic ends him and his best friend figuring out that his only weakness is …girls!

I thought this comic was okay, it’s pretty funny especially when he loses his powers, when he seems to need them the most. This comic might be easy to relate to, because it deals with the main character’s struggle as a teen and high school student. 

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